Intermarried cover

Kehrer Verlag (US release date: Spring 2014)
Authors: Amy Chua, Maurice Berger, Yael Ben-Zion
Artist: Yael Ben-Zion
Designed by Jeanne Verdoux

Hardcover | 24 x 29.5 cm | 128 pages | 57 color ills. | English

Richly saturated with color and light, the imagery of Ben-Zion’s artful and intimate photographs is, in turn, routine, compelling, and surprising. Sometimes focused on people, other times only on the artifacts they live with and the spaces they live in, these dynamic views of everyday life serve as a window onto larger historical, cultural, and social issues. —Maurice Berger

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5683 miles away_cover

Kehrer Verlag (US release date: April 2011)
Author: Joanna Lehan
Artist: Yael Ben-Zion
Designed by Sarit Rotman and Eran Botzer

Hardcover | 24,5 x 24,5 cm | 88 pages | 55 color ills. | English/Hebrew

The photographer must be congratulated for her boldness in delving into the symbolic aspects of content, and for willing the significance to define the narrative. In her captions and images, utilizing the advantages of her inside/outside, micro/macro perspective, Ben-Zion has drawn a uniquely successful portrait of everyday life in a war zone.—George Slade, photo-eye Book Review

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