5683 miles away (Kehrer, 2010). 5683 miles is the distance between Tel Aviv and New York.  From this distance, I have been looking back at my homeland for the last ten years, considering the meaning of “normal life” in this charged place.  In repeated visits to Israel, I have photographed interiors and exteriors, portraits and still lifes in order to capture the texture of Israelis’ day-to-day life.  While personal and intimate in nature, the images allude to the complexity of the political climate in Israel, and question its emotional and social consequences. As opposed to providing answers, however, the work offers a reflection on the way people spend their lives.
Milk Ella with Protective Gear Constructions Flat Screen Still Life with a Headless Angel Morning, Yom Kippur Eve Pink Shoes Dancers Rolls and Ballet Shoes Samson The Book of Attributes Milk and Cookies Crown Soldier Laundry Lea and Shimon Tango Herzliya Ceremony The War Decoration Award Ceremony Night Vision Backyard Dough Passover Cleaning Field Sunflowers #1 Sunflowers #2 The Tower with the Clock that Lost the Time Purple Bike Guard Fence Playground Philosophical Fables for Children Toy Story Morning Call Sarah and Yonathan Schnitzel Mirror Bamba Baby Police Tape Sabras Flamingo A View from the Balcony Black Iris Grenades Plane Tree Red Ribbon Barbed Wire Balance Cornerstone Blocks Tel Aviv Port Couple Flags and Come to Zion ... Installation Gaa Gallery