INTERMARRIED (Kehrer, 2014) explores the notion, and questions the implications, of marriage outside of race or faith. I initiated the project by contacting an online parent group in Washington Heights, my NY neighborhood, inviting couples who define themselves as ‘mixed’ to participate. Being myself intermarried, I was interested in the many challenges faced by couples who choose to share their lives regardless of their different origins, ethnicities, races or religions. Drawing on the experience of the people who responded to my post, I constructed a narrative that deals, through images and texts, with the multifaceted issues posed by intermarriage. Selected images and texts follow.
Installation La Galeria at Boricua College Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Indian wedding Murphy bed Murphy_bed_text Frames Frames_text West Side Story West_Side_Story_text Patterns Moonlit Passing Passing_text Barbapapa I'm the French + Scottish Bedtime Bedtime_text The Little Prince The_Little_Prince_text Bulbs Family Family_text Family photos Morena and Blankito Morena_and_Blankito_text To be a Jew To_be_a_Jew_text Sketches Sari scarf and doll house Sari_scarf_and_doll_house_text Drawing rings Installation La Galeria at Boricua College Installation La Galeria at Boricua College Installation La Galeria at Boricua College